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Saturday 9 May 2015

Acceptance Of Things As They Are!

    Many of The Village citizens have accepted the situation of their imprisonment. Some have been brought to The Village through recruitment, or of their own free will. And that does not account for those born to The Village, and therefore know of nothing else. There are those who are perfectly happy and have lived in The Village for so long that they wouldn’t dream of leaving their Shangri-la! Yet for others, life in The Village isn’t so rosy, in fact it can be a living nightmare, just ask Roland Walter Dutton, and anyone else who has undergone treatment in the hospital.
   There are dissidents, disharmonious, unmutuals, Jammers, people who will lay the foundations of non-existent plans simply to try and “gum up the works.”
    Yet there is both a good side to The Village as well as bad, because its administration does look after its citizens for as long as they live through the Health and welfare policy. People are entertained, kept busy, and out of trouble. But there is purpose even to that, keep the citizens physically and mentally occupied and they are less likely to think of or attempt escape. But seeing as escape is not possible, perhaps it might be best just to let the citizens attempt escape, to get it out of their system. And then by the time they have, the citizens eventually discover that they have lived long enough in The Village, and have become too old for escape! 

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