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Saturday 23 May 2015

Curiosity Killed The Cat

   A lot of people are curious about what lies behind the Prisoner’s resignation. What people? Well the Prisoner’s previous employers within British Intelligence. But then the question must be asked, didn’t anyone read the Prisoner’s letter of resignation? Perhaps the Prisoner didn’t spell his reasons out well enough in that letter. But if not, why bother with the letter in the first place? Simply because a resignation has to be put in writing. Perhaps they didn’t accept his reasons, after all his motivations had had to be checked. And perhaps in not having accepted the Prisoner’s resignation, they decided to put him in The Village to give him time to cool his heels so to speak. In order that Number 6 might be persuaded to change his mind about his resignation.
  Others who wanted to know what lies behind the Prisoner’s resignation, Number 2, and Number 1. But if Number 1 and Number 6 are the alter ego of each other, then Number 1 should have known the reason behind Number 6’s resignation!

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