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Friday 29 May 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Five that’s me.”  
    “Two, four six that’s you. You are six!”
                      {Number 6 and Number 2 - Once Upon A Time}

   Of course they are talking about the Prisoner’s age at the time, which has been regressed to his childhood, back to the age of 5 years. Or on the other hand the Prisoner demands that he is five because his mind has been so conditioned that he can only count to five, alternate even numbers go, two, four, six eight. But with the Prisoner it’s five, five, five, five, that’s him! But perhaps in his former life, his former employment the Prisoner was six, MI6, but with the Prisoner thinking he’s 5, MI5. And yet in one respect we cannot forget the Prisoner’s possible former employment as an agent who previously worked for Security NATO, but later went to work for M9. Of course that’s MI9, but for some reason the “I” for intelligence was dropped for ‘Danger Man!’

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