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Friday 22 May 2015

The Therapy Zone

   You know what Number 2 told the Prisoner when he was undergoing a de-briefing session on the day of his arrival in The Village. “There’s not much we don’t know about you. But one likes to know everything.” Depending on what emphasis is placed on the word “one” we get a completely different meaning. Instead of “One likes to know everything” meaning an indefinite person, if the emphasis is placed on one {in a similar way to the opening sequence when Number 6 asks who is Number One. He is told “You are Number 6” meaning Number 2 is telling the Prisoner that he is Number 1, and not just telling him he’s Number 6} “One likes to know everything,” becomes Number 1 who likes to know everything! And that would work, if it were not for the burden of ‘Fall Out,’ when we learn Number 1 is Number 6. So in regard to Number 1 being the later ego of Number 6, it could be assumed that Number 1 knew the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation anyway!

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