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Monday 25 May 2015

Do We Know Where Seltzman Is?

    Number 6 survived that three-way mind transference. Professor Seltzman survived that three-way mind transference, so why not the Colonel? Because the impression given, with his last words “You must contact Number One. Tell him I did my duty” is that the Colonel died. Which is perhaps the best thing that could have happened to him. Because with Seltzman having escaped The Village, his mind housed in a body perhaps not to his liking, the Colonel’s, that leaves the Colonel’s mind housed in the aging body of Professor Seltzman! And then what? The Colonel couldn’t have been allowed to leave The Village in that state, so he would have had to remain there, to live out the rest of his life in the Old People’s Home.......unless! Unless they used the Seltzman machine once more {There being no reason why the machine’s use should not be continued in the way it had already been used} to put the Colonel’s mind in another younger man’s body, perhaps that of someone who had recently died. They could have used Roland Walter Dutton, seeing his mind had totally gone! But even then that would leave the Colonel’s mind in yet another person’s body, which is yet another imperfect state of mind to be in. On the other hand, why not make use of this situation. Put the Colonel’s psyche into a person of their choosing, then use him to infiltrate the Intelligence Agency of any government in order to gather information……… well perhaps that would be a fate worse than death. So perhaps it is just as well the Colonel died. But why did he die when both Number 6 and Professor Seltzman survived the three-way mind transference? Perhaps the Colonel’s mind couldn’t take the shock a second time. Or maybe Professor Sletzman’s body just gave out, being too old. And yet the Professor’s mind inhabited a body perhaps not to his liking, the Colonel’s, who was then free to continue his experiments in peace.
  So after these past forty-eight years of experimentation, possibly application through a number of mind transferences, do we know where Seltzman is?

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