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Monday 4 May 2015

Living In Harmony!

   The title of ‘Living In Harmony’ could relate to the previous episode of ‘A Change of Mind,’ although there are not that many citizens who actually live in harmony. The majority of citizens are decidedly disharmonious, and can be denounced as such for the least possible reason. The only citizens who do live in harmony, are those who have undergone the operation of Instant Social Conversion, the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes. In other words a leucotomy, or lobotomy, hence the title given to Number 46 of “lobo man,” that makes people different to others. For them all excitement and agitation is a thing of the past. But in the case of Number 6, he still had aggressive tendencies, and so should have been given a larger dose of Mytol.
   But this is not the first time that the suggestion of a leucotomy being carried out on Number 6 was made. The doctor-Number 22 in ‘Checkmate’ read of Number 6’s aggressive tendencies in a psychological report on Number 6, and suggested a leucotomy to knock out the centres of the brain. Mind you it didn’t really require a psychological report to see that Number 6 has aggressive tendencies. Just as well at that point in the Prisoner’s ordeal Number 2 was there to temper the doctor’s attitude towards Number 6!

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