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Sunday 31 May 2015

The Prisoner

    Number 2 is a persistent fellow, and no more than when he and the Prisoner are time-locked in the Embryo Room together. Number 2 was persistent about the Prisoner’s resignation. He had had the Prisoner’s mind regressed to the age of five. Then he took him through his life, hoping to realise what it was that led the Prisoner to resign from his job. 2 jumped the gun at one point, perhaps in his eagerness to have the ordeal over with, when as the Headmaster at the School prize giving day, he asked, then demanded, the pupil tell him why he resigned? “From what sir?” the pupil asked, not knowing what the Headmaster was talking about.
    But as the week passes it would appear that the strain of the ordeal is taking its toll. And in a quiet moment Number 2 asks the question again
    “Why did you resign?”
    “For peace.”
    “You resigned for peace?”
    “For peace of mind!”
    “Because too many people know too much. I know too much about you!”
    Perhaps the Prisoner’s job was to gather information about people, all kinds of people. Information which ended up in that room filled with grey filing cabinets seen in the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner.’ But then what price the Prisoner’s resignation? After all, although he resigned and was looking for peace of mind, the fact that people know too much, that, and the gathering of information, would have gone on. And all that happened was, he ended up a prisoner in The Village!

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