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Friday 15 May 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You’ll never win.”
    “Then how very uncomfortable for you old chap.”
                                  {Number 6 and Number 2 - Dance of the Dead}

    Number 6 is still playing the game, but not according to the rules, rules to which he sees himself as not being subject to. Number 6 breaks the rules by having an animal in his cottage, a cat. Then on another occasion he is seen in possession of a radio, which again breaks the rules, and for which not only is Number 6 put on trial for, but is also sentenced to death. It’s the rules you see. Number 6 has only one gambit to play, and that is to use Roland Walter Dutton as a pawn in the game. Dutton is a man who is scheduled to die, and therefore more qualified to say the things that need to be said. Only Dutton has already been sacrificed as a pawn…..he not dead, it’s worse, he brain-dead!
    Number 6 has one advantage in the game he’s playing, but he doesn’t know what it is. That he’s important, that he is seen to have a future with The Village, that is why he’s not ended up like Dutton. Why the screaming mob couldn’t be allowed to lay hands on the Prisoner in carrying out the sentence of death in the name of justice.
   Brute force never availed the Prisoner anything on the day of his arrival, when he trampled that loudspeaker to pieces underfoot. And it availed him nothing when he ripped out the wiring and paper of the teleprinter. Number 6 plays the game, but still hasn’t learned to play it very well. There’s nothing subtle about Number 6.

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