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Monday 11 May 2015

More Village!

    I was of the opinion that I had squeezed THEPRIS6NER dry, and yet, having watched the episode of ‘Darling’ on Saturday night, I find there is still a snippet or two still to be found. For example……
     11-12 gives the doctor 313 three pills which he has taken from phials found in Two’s safe, the different pills he gives to his wife. He wants to know what they are. He wants to know what’s in them. What they do. But 313 isn’t a chemist, but 11-12 persists, he wants to know what his father is doing to his mother. 
     Later 313 goes to meet 11-12 in the Go-Inside bar. She tells him that the yellow pill is a sedative, a cocktail of sedatives mixed with a powerful sleeping draught. The green pill a hallucinogen, a type 313 had never come across before. It contains a compound that’s not on their records. And finally the orange pill, this is, well, this has no known contents!
   The thing is, 11-12 asked 313 to have these three pills analysed. And yet the pills remain completely intact as when he handed them to the doctor in the hospital. That shouldn’t have been the case. If the pills had been analysed by a chemist it would be expected that there would be nothing left of the three pills. Or at the very least what might be left would be a little powder. But as it is the three pills look to be in their original condition. Not even a chip removed for analysis!

Breathe in….breathe out….Village life goes on.
Be seeing you

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