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Friday 29 May 2015

The Butler Speaks!

    He’s here again, if in fact he ever went away! I didn’t think he would get a second chance, not after that calamity concerning Number Six the last time. He’s over confident you see, you should hear him on the telephone to Number One. “No I assure you sir there’s no problem. We’re getting one hundred percent co-operation from everyone, and I’m anticipating a truly exciting result……….who sir? Oh the Professor, just a mild aberration I assure you, a couple days rest and adjustment and he’ll be doing everything we need………Yes, yes I will keep in touch sir, in the closest touch, thank you sir. Probably the most important human experiment we’ve ever had to conduct, he treats it like a military exercise.”
   Number 2 should guard his thoughts more carefully, you never know who’s listening! He was like that before when he told that Madam Professor that Number 6 wants what we all want ultimately….to escape, only I never said that!

    Oh well I expect Number One thought he would be a safer bet having nothing to do with Number Six this time. You know what his trouble is don’t you? He underestimates that Number Six! And it was that which brought about his downfall the last time, and I’m pretty sure that if he fails this time there’ll be no coming back for thirds! But I expect as long as he keeps that Number Six at arms length, then no great harm can be done.
    He has to drink plenty of milk, he says it helps good temper. But really it’s to sooth his stomach ulcer. If you ask me he should have asked that nice doctor Number Fourteen to do something about it, an operation or something. Or at the very least she might have worked out a special diet for him!
   Just as well there are all these underground tunnels, otherwise I’d have had a job on my hands pushing this trolley through The Village from my annexe behind the Green Dome.  But poor old Number 2, I feel sorry for him. They call the Green Dome Number 2’s residence, when it’s nothing more than a glorified office. Number 2’s living quarters is in the Town Hall. And he gets to his office, not by enjoying a morning stroll through The Village, or by taxi. He walks, he walks along the underground corridors, sits himself in that black spherical chair, and rises up into his office through a hole in the floor!
   Anyway, Speedlearn, I’ve no time for it myself. But education is a wonderful thing alright. But at the same time, they do say a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. And Number 2’s confidence in the General might be misplaced. Anyway history, it’s a thing of the past!

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