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Saturday 16 May 2015

The X Factor!

    In ‘Arrival’ Number 6 plays a game of chess with someone Number 2 described as being an Ex-Admiral. Someone else who is an Ex, is Number 14 the chess champion in ‘Checkmate.’ He is said by Number 8 to be an ex-Count whose ancestors played chess using their retainers, whose heads were removed as they were wiped off the board!
   Generally speaking when someone has served long term in the armed forces, when they retire they are allowed to retain their rank, as in the case of the General in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Number 2 makes the comment to Number 6 that “The General seems a little sour,” what’s more the General’s cap badge is on display, whereas the ex-Admiral’s cap badge is covered by his numbered badge. That in itself is suggestive.
   Perhaps there are other “ex” people, that once they arrive in The Village they are stripped of their previous title or rank, as their individuality is stripped away, because it no longer applies. Although the General has somehow managed to retain his rank!

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