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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Be seeing you!

   “Be seeing you” is a parting greeting used in The Village, either with or without a salute, indicating that for citizens to be seeing each other again, is unavoidable, The Village being a close-nit community. Besides there is nowhere else to go!
    However with a number of exceptions;
    Three Number 2’s.
    The Butler.
    The Supervisor-Number 26.
    Number 19 {or is it 56} the shopkeeper.
    Number 20 the manager of the Labour Exchange, later as assistant to Number 2 in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’
    Number 66 the ex-admiral.
    Number 250 a guardian in ‘the General,’ who later appears as Number 93, and again as a delegate of the Assembly.
    Numerous “ordinary” Village citizens in the background so to speak.
   There are a large number of characters who once seen are never to “be seen” again. Perhaps once they are used they are removed from the chessboard! Amongst their number are;
    The maid No.66 who attempted to extract some sort of information from the Prisoner by trying to play on his sympathies, and then with the use of emotional blackmail!
   No.9 who was assigned to No.6 as she had once been assigned to Cobb, but who was no more than a pawn in No.2’s game with No.6.
   The General.
   The little old lady No.38
   The doctor No.14 who used a new drug she had developed to get into No.6’s dreams.
   No.’s 113, 113b and 113c.
   No.24-Alison, who shared a mental link with No.6.
   Madam Professor
   The doctor No.40, the male equivalent to his successor No.22.
   Roland Walter Dutton, but it may be supposed that he went on to spend the rest of his life under medical supervision, seeing the state his mind had been left in from the doctors experiments.
   The doctor No.23, the female equivalent of her predecessor No.40.
   The maid No.21.
   The maid No.54.
   No.14 the ex-Count.
   No.8 the once white Queen.
   No.42 the painter.
   The Guardian working undercover as a gardener.
   The young woman working at the kiosk in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
   The man working at the kiosk who wouldn’t sell any sweets to No,36 because all her weekly allowance had been all used up!
   No.36 who couldn’t go a day without her sweets.
   No.50 Monique.
   No.51 the Watchmaker, Monique’s father.
   No.118 the eccentric artist.
    No.42 who was suffering from depression, always in tears, but who became a member of the ladies sub-appeal committee.
   No.56 Chairwoman of the ladies sub-appeal Committee.
   I’m sure there are others who could be added to this list, but it gives the general idea. Of course one would not expect a character such as Monique, Alison, Number 8 {the white Queen} or Number 9 who both having once been at the centre of one episode to appear at the centre of another. But who might appear somewhere in the background with other Village citizens. Then again better continuity might have been gained had the doctor Number 40 who appeared in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ gone on to be the doctor in ‘Checkmate’ instead of Number 22.
   The reason for the ever changing face of Number 2 is known, so that it makes it difficult for Number 6 to strike up a relationship with any Number 2. Does that same rule apply for Number 6’s personal maids? As we never see any one of them more than once! As Number 6 once said “The maids come….and they go!” Almost with the same frequency as Number 2!

Be seeing you…….I hope!

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