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Sunday 31 May 2015

Bureau Of Visual Records

    At this point in the Prisoner’s first attempted escape, you might think that he would now begin to make an evasive manoeuvre, by steering the Mini-Moke away from the approaching white membranic Guardian. 
  However it appears the Prisoner is too mesmerised by the thing ahead of him to think about that. Had he remained inside the Moke, he would have been safe from the Guardian, because for “it” to overpower the Prisoner by suffocation, he would have had to be out of the taxi. So something had to be contrived in order for the Prisoner’s attempted escape to be thwarted. Had he remained in the taxi, and by out manoeuvring the Guardian, he would have been away in the Mini-Moke. So something had to be contrived, something hard in the sand for the taxi to collide with, thus the Prisoner parted company with the Mini-Moke, and left at the mercy of the white membranic Guardian!

Be seeing you


  1. A good observation. Really, it appears as if No. 6 was attracted to something out there, something unusual, Rover or one of Rover's instances. It certainly serves to demonstrate Rover's powers at this stage of the series. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Yes that's right. And one would have thought the Prisoner would have avoided that memebranic Guardian at all costs. Didn't that demonstration by the Guradian earlier in the Piazza teach the Prisoner anything?

      Very kind regards

    2. It should have, indeed. One could assume that Rover's first appearance could be taken for an exceptional event that, perhaps, happened on solid ground only. Here on the beach the ubiquitous character of the gadget is underlined, isn't it. - BCNU!

    3. Hello Arno,
      An exceptional event indeed, and one played terrible for the poor victim in that demonstration. And yes I agree, on the beach the ubiquitous character of the Guardian is indeed underlined.

      Very best regards