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Monday 4 May 2015

Degree Absolute

    At the end Number 6 throws down his glass in disgust! When in reality he should have felt triumphant. It was suggested by the resuscitated Number 2 in ‘Fall Out’ that it was the drink that did for him back in the Embryo Room of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and many fans are convinced that it was indeed the drink. Yet did not Number 6 drink from the same bottle as Number 2, and was he not unaffected by the same drink? So it could not possibly have been the drink itself that did for Number 2, but the wine glass itself!
   Ask yourself this, who else was in the Embryo Room with Number 2 and 6? Who was it that not only aided the two men during their deliberations, but also looked after them - cooking their meals, washing up. Making coffee, putting wine on the table? In my opinion it was the Butler who did it, and how he did it was to "lace" Number 2's wine glass with a drug, into which Number 2 poured the wine. The only trick was to make sure Number 2 got the right glass!
   So when in ‘Fall Out’ Number 2 demands to know how it was done, it’s rather like in ‘A B and C,’ was it the tap water or not? And yet, Number 2’s death may very well be attributed to a fatal heart attack brought on by the strain of the deliberations having taken place during that week.

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