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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Therapy Zone

   As it happens Number 6 was more than ready to meet Number 1, although he had been given the choice of leading The Village or going. Number 6 clearly couldn’t go without at least meeting Number 1, that way he’d know who to blame for his incarceration in The Village! And as I happens it wasn’t just Number 6, so too were the television viewers at the time, and each new enthusiast for ‘the Prisoner’ series over the years and decades, has been eager to meet Number 1.
   It seemed that under that theatrical mask {although I’ve seen Morris dancers with such painted faces, half white, half black} and the ape mask, lies the face of a lunatic or madman! His maniacal laugh echoing around the Control Room of the rocket, as Number 1 ran around avoided Number 6 laying hands upon him. Finally to scale a ladder into the nose cone of the rocket {strange how those being chased have the sudden urge to climb things} closing the hatch behind him, and sealed by Number 6. As it happens there is no release leaver on the upper side of the hatch, so it would appear that Number 1’s fate is sealed!
   Number 6 had no compunction about ridding himself of that troublesome doppelganger, the cause of all his troubles since waking up in the community of The Village. One can only speculate what may have taken place had Number 6 managed to lay his hands upon his tormentor. However it is extremely unlikely that they would have sat talking together over a cup of tea. Besides had Number 6 got his hands on Number 1, it would undoubtedly have ended in violence. Just as it was when Number 6 finally laid his hands on Number 12. That resulted in the death of Curtis! And the launching of the rocket, in all probability, the death of Number 1!

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