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Friday 30 October 2015

60 Second Interview With No.14

    Number 113 “Excuse me…………..”
    Number 14 “Why what have you done?”
    “Well there’s no need for you to be excused then.”
    Number 113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “Who is he?”
    “He’s Number One, One Three b my photographic colleague. And I am Number One, One, Three, we contribute to The Tally Ho.”
   “Do you think so, I’m so glad you do. Only most people think my colleague and I are the two most boring people in The Village.”
    “Oh really.”
    “I observe you have been buying flowers.”
    “You’re not an Observer as well are you?”
    “Who are the flowers for?”
   “What’s that got to do with you? You’re not going to write about it in The Tally Ho are you.”
    “Write about what?”
    “The fact that I buy myself flowers.”
    “Do you?”
    “Yes, well I……………………”
    “I think that’s terribly sad.”
    “Smile” {click goes the camera}
    “It’s a human story.”
   “The doctor who is so dedicated to her work at the hospital, who has no time for relationships. And has no-one to buy her flowers!”
    “They could be for someone who is ill, or someone who is getting better.”
    “Are they for Number Two?”
    “What makes you ask that?”
    “You are his doctor, presumably you’re treating his stomach ulcer.”
    “I’m not that kind of doctor.”
    “Oh my mistake.”
    “Don’t worry, we all have to make mistakes. Sometimes we have to.”

Reporter Number 113
Photographer Number 113b

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