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Monday 12 October 2015

Caught On Camera!

   During his first speech to the electorate in ‘Free For All,‘ Number 6 describes himself as not being a number, but a free man. This the citizens found most amusing, and laugh at the candidate. Number 54, seen here joining in with the laughing. Yet by the time of ‘Dance of the Dead’ Number 54 is Number 6's personal maid. Which means that the current Number 54 is relatively new to The Village. And that something must have happened to the former 54. Probably having died of old age, and if he had died, then most likely of natural causes seeing as how he was probably too old for escape!
   Number 54, like other citizens, find the idea of their new local candidate not being a number, but a person, hilarious!
    Oh and standing next to Number 54 in the crowd is Number 14, a woman, but not the doctor from the previous episode. It may be supposed that she has long departed The Village in one way or another.

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