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Friday 23 October 2015

Thought For The Day

    Number 6 the lone Wolf! So very different from what had taken place before, Number 6 the defender of the people. And now those same people have been turned against him. Number 6 has effectively been sent to Coventry, and if he doesn’t toe the line he’ll lose all his privileges. No more credit, no more taxis, no more personal maids, oh he’d already lost that particular privilege!
   It was all very well trying to turn the tables on the Committee. That was when they mentioned the complaints, “well done,” Number 6 said “I’ve several,” as if that would wash with the Committee. And tearing up that questionnaire, what was that, an act of bravado? Number 6 treated it as a game, all this disharmonious-ness, and unmutuality. And yet it soon became less of a game. And it was whilst watching birds of a feather flock together, meaning the Cormorants, the game didn’t seem funny anymore.
    Number 6 may have felt that he had undergone the process known as Instant Social Conversion, but we as the viewer knew differently. We saw Number 86 turn that dial down to zero. And yet before the episode of ‘A Change of Mind’ commenced, we had a fair idea that they might have Number 6 posted as being disharmonious, and an Unmutual. But never would they take a risk with Number 6 as to perform a Leucotomy on him, to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes. True, such an operation could have had three differing effects on the patient. Firstly the operation could have been a success, rendering the patient docile. Secondly they could have lost Number 6’s mind altogether, leaving him a brain-dead imbecile. And thirdly, the operation may not have had any effect on the patient whatsoever! Thinking about it, I wonder if that’s what the doctor-Number 40 performed on Roland Walter Dutton in the end? That would explain Dutton’s final state of mind when Number 6 called him as a character witness at his trial in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ His mind having completely gone!

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