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Thursday 29 October 2015

Fall Out

    In the eyes of The Village society, Number 6 represents the ultimate threat, the lone individual who seeks the destruction of their society, of their very way of life. "Society is at stake and we have the means to protect it!" states the High Court Judge "We draw your attention to the regrettable bullet....." Two men sit at either end of the steel seesaw device previously seen in the control room. But here instead of a pair of monitors, a pair of Lewis or Maxim machine guns have been fitted. Such is the seriousness of the democratic crisis which The Village administration finds itself in. What democratic crisis might that be? How can there be a democratic crisis when the administration behind The Village has done away with the democratic process? The Village is a suppressive state, it is totalitarian, and in that state people are told what to do.
    Number 48 being representative of youth which rebels against nothing it can define, why all the rigmarole of a trial? They should have just administered mind controlling drugs, either that or put him up against a wall and shot him. And Number 2 who apparently died, what really was the point in resuscitating him? After that length of time being dead, there would have been some brain damage! Perhaps in the “late” Number 2’s case they simply wanted their pound of flesh. And the former Number 6, he wasn’t on trial at all. He had been praised for reaching that far. He, as a man of steel magnificently equipped to lead them. Number 6, citizen Number 6 who was once to be tolerated, and if necessary shaped to fit. But Number 6 never fitted in, he was never at one with The Village and its community. He is an individual, and individuals are always trying, trying to escape from something or other. Number 6 resigned his job. He was escaping, out of the frying pan into the fire one might say. Number 6 would never have been right as the figurehead of The Village. He would have been more confined as Number 1 than ever he had been as Number 6.

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