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Saturday 3 October 2015

Playing The Game!

    Number 2 once said to Number 6, that no game is worth playing, if you can’t win. That’s not every English. To which Number 6 asked her if she was English? Number 2 did not answer the question.
England it’s been the mantra that its not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game. And it was observed by Number 14 that Number 6 plays a fine game, not that that’s got anything to do with the game of chess, Number 6 is but a pawn, who only makes the one move on the chessboard. No, Number 14 is referring to a very different game, on a very different chessboard. The game between Number 2 and Number 6. Had Number 14 actually witnessed part of these games? Well it’s always possible, but from a discreet distance of course. And if not, well it’s probable that Number 6’s reputation preceded him. After all people would talk in The Village, and they probably talked about some of Number 6’s exploits against Number 2. Probably they admired him for them. Certainly through Number 6 involving himself in the plans of Number 2, he saved the citizens of The Village once from being turned into rows of cabbages, and later from a planned purge of The Village. He rid The Village of a professional sadist, and a witch-hunt against unmutuals!
    Number 6 might well be English, but he plays the game well, and always plays to win, and yet at times when he loses, he treats such a defeat with magnanimity. Also on occasion with inevitability.

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