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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Drink It While It’s Hot!

  Apparently it’s good for one, good for someone! So what happens when you don’t drink your night cap of hot chocolate, well it goes cold! But apart from that you’re not relaxed, far from it, you become restless, you can’t sleep, and when you try, you find the cat lying on your bed. And when you lay back on the recliner there are the dulcet tones of a seductive disembodied voice “Sleep, sleep, sleep. That’s it, sleep softly till tomorrow, lovely gentle sleep and a lovely tomorrow,” trying to lull you to sleep. But you can’t sleep, so you go out.
    As Number 6 once described it he had a terrible night, insomnia, he couldn’t sleep, so restless, and there’s no point in lying in bed when you’re awake is there? So he got up, went out, he had a long walk on the beach, it’s marvellous that time of day. Invigorating, the air is brisk and clear, the rain on your face, the wind on your cheek.
    So is this the same way Number 6 got out of his cottage during a night in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ as he once did during ‘Dance of The Dead?’ Well that would depend upon two things. Whether or not you believe Number 6’s description he made to Number 14, and if the French window had been left unsecured for a second time! On an evening in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ having found the door to his cottage locked, Number 6 exited his cottage by the French window and went out into the night. I cannot see them making the same mistake twice about leaving that French window unsecured. If indeed it was a mistake the first time, but left unsecured on purpose. Well how else could Number 6 help them to test their own efficiencies? 

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