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Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Colonel

   What a terrible way for Colonel Hawke-Englishe to die, to be blown to bits at the wicket by an exploding cricket ball, and just one run short of his century! The mess was simply awful, blood, guts, sinew and smashed bone everywhere. It must have been a terrible sight to have to look upon. The spectators were shocked, as were the players, but no-one more than the wicket keeper and the player in the slips. Somehow I don't think Colonel Hawke-Englishe should have been in the field, although he wasn‘t the first to do so. His predecessor didn’t fair all that well either! For one reason Colonel Hawke-Englishe looked to be a bit too old for a field agent. However he did appear to be enjoying himself. And besides he did have a back-up man in Potter. Not that he turned out to be all that good.
   However this death by exploding cricket ball having been successful once, was well worth a second go, and might just work a second time. But this time the Girl who was Death was dealing with a far superior opponent, and Mr. X was ready for her as the exact same scenario was being played out at the same cricket ground.
   After a number of close encounters at the funfair, and trial by ordeal at Witchwood where the Girl tries to blow up Mr. X by landmine, exploding candles. German stick grenades, and then by a Panzerschreck anti tank weapon. Mr. X finally tracks down the Girl in her father’s lair, the lighthouse. There both the Girl who was Death and her father Professor Schnipps die in much the same way as the Colonel. First to be blown to pieces by a pair of German hand grenades, but just to make sure, then blown to atoms by the exploding rocket.

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