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Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Blogging Office Is Closed Due To Illnes!

   Number 2 can hardly believe it! No blog?!!! Well I'm sorry about that, but due to illness the Blogging office will be closed until Saturday. I have a chest infection, and have had no sleep, and have no energy. So I need to rest. But hopefully I'll be back soon. And Number 2, well he's already suffering from withdrawal symptoms, he should see a doctor....Number 14!

Be seeing you
End of message........rover and out!


  1. Hi David.

    It's now the 19th of October and I see that "The Blogging Office Is Open Again!" I trust that, after your stay in the therapy zone, you find yourself feeling more harmonious.



    1. Hello Mike,
      Thank you for your kind comment, and the thought behind it.
      I'm still in the Therapy Zone, and will be all week, but feeling a little better. Its the wonderful brew the chemist dispenses that's doing it. But there's no hot chocolate here, and so I cannot get to sleep at night. In fact I've not slept for five nights, my chest infection having given me a perpertual cough. Number 2 here says I should see a doctor. No fear, I've seen what they do to patients at the hospital!
      If it was not for some pre-written blog there wouldn't be any posted at all this week. Hang on a minute, its Number 2's round again, I'll have a large one, and no water or ice!

      Very best regards