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Monday 12 October 2015

Village Life!

    Poor old Dutton! Number 6 was put on trial for the possession of a radio. In his defence he was allowed to call a character witness. He called Roland Walter Dutton, even though names are not supposed to be used in The Village. Why Dutton? Well he was a man who was due to die. The Prisoner knew that, being in possession of the termination order against Dutton. So what better man to say the things that needed to be said? After all the Prisoner thought Dutton would have nothing to lose. But Number 6 was too late. The termination order came too late…….for Dutton. But instead the doctor-No.40 has gone too far with one of his experiments, leaving Dutton brain-dead. See the inane expression on his face. And yet, and yet there appears to be something else, something in the eyes, something behind that smile. Whatever Dutton has become, he has achieved one thing no other man in The Village has achieved. Dutton has found a way to tame Rover. A puppet on a chain? No, Rover on a stick!

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