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Saturday 24 October 2015

The Therapy Zone

    In past years whenever I have seen an actor or actress on television or feature film who appeared in ‘the Prisoner,’ I would say to the wife, or she would say to me, look, there’s number so and so. Or there’s Guy Doleman {Number 2} or Peter Howell {the Professor}, and Hugo Schuster {Professor Seltzman} seen recently in the 1953 film ‘House of Blackmail,’ to name less than a handful. But now I’ve been doing this with actors and actresses who appeared in THEPRIS6NER, and now for me Ian Mckellen will always be Two. Vincent Regan who played 909 {Anvil} is always turning up in different television dramas. And only a few weeks ago Sara Stewart 1891 {Darling} appeared in the BBC drama ‘Mrs. Foster.’ That’s all really, its just a game I’ve played over the years, and continue to do so with actors and actresses from THEPRIS6NER.

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