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Monday 5 October 2015

Shall I Give Him A Stare?

   A “late” Number 2 to stare in the eye of Number 1, surely he transgresses! That would rather depend on which eye he gives that stare with. Leo McKern had a false eye, his left one. Perhaps that’s the reason why, when in the woods carving out the hull of his boat, Number 6 says to Number 2 about winking a blind surveillance eye as far as his homemade tools are concerned, even those being outside the pale of the law. An in-joke inserted by McGoohan, at the expense of McKern? And when Number 2 salutes its just as well he’s right-handed! And in ‘Fall Out’ when the “late” Number 2 descends further into the underworld, he looks into the camera saying “Be seeing you.” Well not if he winks his good eye he wouldn’t!

Be seeing you

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