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Thursday 22 October 2015

Village Life!

   See that waiter there, he’s a blasted quisling! He might look like a waiter, but he’s watching, listening all the time. And any least little sign of any out of the order activity, even if one is heard to be whispering, he’s on the blower to Number 2 faster than you can say knife! And he’s not the only one. That Shopkeeper Number 112, he’s just as bad. He reported Number 6 for acting strangely that time he was listening to six records of Bizet’s I’arlesienne suite. Well the shopkeeper was played for a fool by Number 6, and more than once, so was this waiter. Didn’t either of them know about Jamming? Mind you if that waiter had been really on the ball he’d have reported that woman in the yellow hat sat at the table there. She’s reading a car magazine, and it doesn’t concern Austin Mink-Mokes either!

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