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Thursday 22 October 2015

Rubbing Sea Salt Into The Wound!

    “Good evening citizens. Your local Council wishes to announce another exciting competition. The subject this time…seascapes!”                            
                                     {Female announcer - The Chimes of Big Ben}

   I always feel sorry for Number 6. There he was putting his trust in a young woman who he thought was Estonian, and probably wasn’t anything of the kind. And for what? Escape! But not only had he been betrayed by Number 8, but also by both Fotheringay and the Colonel, but he had discovered that it was his former employers who had had him abducted and placed in The Village! Why his former employers? Well if it wasn’t British Intelligence who put Number 6 in The Village, then that makes the Colonel and Fotheringay traitors! Of course they might have worked for MI6, and it was MI6 who was behind The Village, but that would still make the Colonel and Fotheringay betrayers of a former colleague, and to the department they work for. You will observe that as Number 6 looks up at them, 2, Nadia, and Fotheringay, he doesn’t say anything. Not wanting to waste words and energy on them. Besides what was there he could have said which would have achieved anything?
  And if it wasn’t bad enough having discovered that he’s not escaped The Village at all, there’s this cheery female announcer rubbing salt into Number 6’s wound. A great new competition, seascapes. Was that announcement by coincidence, or contrivance? I leave it for you to make up your own mind.

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