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Friday 30 October 2015

Quote For The Day

    “In an emergency we walk.”
                   {the electrician - Arrival}

   Well that’s true enough, the electrician came via truck when the lights in Number 6’s cottage fused. But then, like the time the Prisoner trampled the loudspeaker under foot, fused lights in a cottage didn’t really merit being an emergency. Now there was a real emergency in ’Hammer Into Anvil,’ the time Number 2 was under the impression that Number 6 had left a bomb hidden in a Cuckoo clock at the door of the Green Dome. But the bomb disposal men didn’t walk, they came by Mini-Moke, what’s more there was an irritating siren blaring out! Well it wasn’t so much of a siren, more of a high pitched whining.
   There have been other emergencies, medical emergencies with an ambulance towing a Red Cross trailer behind it. The Red Cross in The Village, that’s a laugh. Mind you generally speaking all the citizens are looked after very well, especially the ones who resisted for so short a time. For them life in The Village can be quite pleasant and charming, almost like being in Shangri-La. For others, it’s a nightmare world, one from which escape is most desirable. But escapes have been tried so many times, and as far as it is known, no-one has never escaped. At least not until Fall Out. That evacuation may well have come as a sudden shock to many. Their lives in The Village brought to a sudden end by the order to evacuate. But never mind, the fabric of The Village was virtually undamaged so soon after, everyone could have been returned to The Village to get on with their lives once again. Well where else do you think so many people could be put? They could hardly be left to roam free, not with the knowledge they all had about The Village. To have Number 6 go shooting his mouth off about The Village is one thing, but to have so many others at large would have been completely unacceptable. It would have been nothing less than a tremendous breach in security. Somewhere would have to be found to put all those people, and what better place than The Village!

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