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Monday 26 October 2015

The Girl Who Was Death

    Number 6 may well have told the three children, and anyone else who might have been watching, a fairytale, but it does include some interesting details. Such as a deserted village, an escape by helicopter, an eventual and escape by boat. There is an underground passage leading to an underground cavern, as well as a rocket which Number 6 eventually sabotages to explode.
    The fairytale features several ingredients which go to make up parts of ‘the Prisoner’ series itself. In ‘Arrival’ the Prisoner attempts to escape The Village by helicopter. In Free For All’ Number 6 attempts to escape The Village by jet boat. While in ‘Many Happy Returns’ Number 6 wakes to find The Village deserted. And finally in Fall Out an underground passage leads to a cavern, and there a rocket which the former Number 6 is able not to sabotage, but to set the countdown and launch the rocket into space.
   So by telling a fairytale to the three children, and anyone who might be watching, Number 6 was not only incorporating some of his past experiences in The Village, but was also foretelling the future!

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  1. Given that there has long been controversy among fans on what order the episodes should be viewed, one could argue that "The Girl Who Was Death" is actually the final episode! Because in "Fall Out", which is usually regarded as the finale, Number 6 seemingly starts his journey to the Village over again at the end. We can imagine he is returned to the Village, still recalls his previous incarceration there, and Number 2 (the President in "Fall Out") is still there, trying a new tack to make Number 6 slip with the children. But Number 6 simply turns elements of his previous adventures in the Village, including the rocket in "Fall Out", into a story for the kids!

    1. Hello Enik1138,
      I enjoyed your comment, and agree with you. What's more we appear to be on the same wavelength, as I once wrote an article about there being no reason why 'The Girl Who Was Death' cannot be the final episode.

      Very kind regards