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Monday 5 October 2015


    The two Guardians didn’t recognise the password Gemini because it was the wrong password, but it was the right password, because Number 2 had given it to Number 6 personally. So that when they started he would be able to tell the two 6’s apart. So really the password Gemini was purely for Number 2’s benefit.
   But things went wrong, or so Number 2 was lead to believe. Number 2 was shocked to hear that Number 6 was dead, that Rover got him, and couldn’t get Rover deactivated quick enough. “Deactivate Rover immediately pending further instructions” or words to that effect. So what had gone wrong? Perhaps Number 2 thought that Number 6 had tried the password Gemini on Rover. And with Rover not able to recognise the password, it attacked and suffocated Number 6 to death. But it wasn’t Number 6 who had died, it was Curtis, and they both used the same password, Schizoid Man.
  So when armed with the correct password Number 6 confronts the Village Guardian says “Schizoid man” with confidence, and the Guardian accepts the password. Yet when Number 12-Curtis gives the same password Rover attacks him and suffocates him to death. So it must have been to do with the nervousness with which Curtis gave the password “Schizoid man, schizoid man, schizoid man!” Then of course Curtis began to run, and that was enough to convince the Guardian, and its natural instinct being to give chase to its prey. Had Curtis stood his ground against the Guardian, well who can say what might have happened. After all when in the presence of The Village Guardian, Number 2 does advise the citizens to “Be still,” which is all well and good, but for how long? Giving the password to Rover is just the same as it was with Alison and her mind reading act with Curtis in Number 2’s office. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

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