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Friday 2 October 2015

Thought For The Day

   Dark clouds gather over a long and deserted road. Cue thunder, cue dark clouds, the long deserted airstrip, and the green, yellow nosed Lotus Seven……..
    We know where ZM73, for want of a better name, well I can’t call him the Prisoner as he’s not a prisoner as yet, is going, and what his ultimate destination is. He’s on his way to hand in his letter of resignation, as that’s the proper way to do it. He’ll then go home, and from there ultimately be abducted, to wake up in an Italianate Village, called quaintly enough The Village.
    That’s all fine and dandy knowing that information, but it really doesn’t get us very far. And really it’s no longer become that interesting. Far more interesting is the question, where did he come from? A long and deserted road, well it looks like a road, although for a single lane road it’s wider than most. And that’s what makes it unusual. We know what lies at the one end of that road,
London. It must be because that’s where ZM73 ends up, driving over Westminster bridge. What we don’t know, and this is the vexing part and therefore more interesting, is, we don’t know what is at the far end of that road. ZM73 must have driven from somewhere to end up on that road. Not from home surely, as he lives in London, and would have taken a matter of only a few minutes to drive from his home in Westminster to that underground car park. And its highly unlikely that he would have driven out of London only to drive back again…………………..unless………………. he was coming from the Colonel’s residence in the country! In ‘Many Happy returns’ ZM73 told Mrs. Butterworth that he had two calls to make, one in town, the other in the country. So perhaps that’s what he had been doing during that opening sequence, making two calls. Only this time the one in the country first, to see the Colonel, and the second call in town in order to hand in his letter of resignation to that bald-headed, bespectacled bureaucrat sat behind that desk in the London office! 

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  1. Although he's actually driving patiently through London, in his head he is hurtling dramatically down a long open road to freedom - or so he thinks.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      Yes, that's a good way of putting it.
      It may look like an open road to freedom, but it turns out to be a road to hell!

      Very kind regards