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Thursday 8 October 2015

A favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   Number 6 had after all put the poison in, and now Number 14 was finished. Number 6 said he was sorry about that, but he didn’t look a bit sorry. There he lay upon the recliner listening to the Adagio passage from Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ the Autumn movement. Number 14 had gone to ‘6 Private’ seeking revenge. And so a fist-fight broke out between Number 6 and Number 14. During the violent fight they seem to smash up the place too much, and nothing appears to be really broken. Number 14 is of course no match for Number 6, that much had been proved during that bout of Kosho. I’ve never understood why Number 6 didn’t dunk 14 into that tank of water while he had him at his mercy. But there they were in a desperate struggle, until Number 6 gets 14 in an arm lock behind his back, finally to despatch Number 14 through the French window. But on his way out Number 14 takes the balcony railings with him. I think that was the end of this particular 14, I’ve no proof but I get the feeling that he would have broken his neck in that fall, lying dead tangled up in those wrought iron railings below the balcony.

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  1. Hi David
    Yes, this is also one of my favourite scenes in one of my fav episodes. I haven’t really much sympathy for Number 14 - he got what he deserved. After all, he’s the bad guy and he’s the one who started the fight in the first place as well as trying to pick fights with No.6 on earlier occasions. A typical bully! As to what happened to him when he was thrown out of the window – I don’t think he would have been badly hurt, it wasn’t as if Chez 6 was perched on a clifftop! He would have just ended up in the hydrangeas and roses below with cuts, bruises and a few thorns in his bottom! After all, No 6 did jump out of this window quite easily in Dance of the Dead without any injury.
    To be honest I was more concerned with the state of No 6’s furniture and furnishings after the fight than No 14! It must have taken No 6 quite a while to clear up. Would also have been a bit draughty until maintenance fixed the window, ha, ha!

    1. Hello Nadia,
      What you say could well be true. But Number 14 was only doing his job, he was trying to work with Number 2, who with important details, kept him at arms length, he didn't trust 14. But 14 was loyal, it’s just a pity 2 didn't trust him more. Of course 14 may have wanted to dust Number 6 down, taking him on at Kosho. But Number 14 saw Number 6 as a trouble maker, which of course he was. And when 14 went to 6 Private, he did so looking for retribution against Number 6 for his having put the poison in with Number 2.
      Chez 6 might not have been perched on a cliff top, but it’s a nasty drop down onto the cobbled path below. Yes Number 6 did go out of his cottage that night in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ but he climbed over the railings, and dropped gently onto the slope beneath. Number 14 was hurled out of the French window, he took the balcony railings with him. There would have been no gentle drop to the ground for him, no ending up in the hydrangeas, but a hard impact with the cobbled path below.
      I enjoyed your description of 6 Private being a bit draughty until the French window was repaired. But I don’t somehow think Number 6 would have tidied up his cottage, he would have left that to his personal maid, and any damaged furniture etc would have been replaced by someone from the department from furnishing, fixtures, and fittings!
      One other favourite scene is when Number 2 is about to leave his office. In the foyer Number 14 is dozing in an armchair. But as soon as he hears the pair of steel doors open he jumps up out of the chair, stands in front of the fireplace at attention whilst straightening his blazer. Thus giving the impression that he’s been standing like that all the time!

      Enjoy the weekend
      Very best wishes