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Monday 19 October 2015

Yellow Alert!

    This is by any other name a “caught on camera,” because the image of the balloon with vote written upon it appears on but one single frame of film. This is during Number 6’s first election speech in ‘Free for All,’ the citizens laughing at the statement made by Number 6 that he is not a number, he is a person. This one frame of the yellow balloon with the single word Vote written upon it, could be described as a subliminal cut, because my wife has no remembrance of it, perhaps in that way it failed as a subliminal cut! There are other balloons with the word vote written upon them, but there was a slight error with one, which is tied to the front bumper of a Mini-Moke, the word vote has been written upside down. I suppose Rover can think itself lucky that it wasn’t defaced with such graffiti! 

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