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Friday 30 October 2015

An Election Won!

   "If you win" Number 2 informed the potential candidate Number 6,  "Number One may no longer be a mystery to you, if you see what I mean."  Well no, to be perfectly honest at the time I didn’t know what Number 2 meant. Number 6 asked Number 2 what physically happens if he wins the election, to which Number 2 told him he’s the boss. But Number 6 sees Number 1 as being the boss. And yet to the people of the community Number 2 is the boss, as to them in their everyday lives Number 1 doesn’t matter.
    So with Number 6 winning the election there was no point in going into details, Number 6 is the boss. If he wants to know anything, all he has to do is press a button. When Number 6, then the new Number 2, at the time, after speaking with the Labour Exchange manager on the telephone, I half expected him to put a call through to Number 1. But he didn’t. And yet who was it who put the telephone call through to Number 6 {new Number 2} when the phone began to bleep and Number 58 picked it up? It certainly wasn’t the Labour Exchange Manager, because a call was put through to him, but it was Number 6 {new Number 2} on the telephone.
   “Anything I can do for you?”
   “Just checking, be seeing you.”
   “And you.”
   So if Number 6 didn’t put that telephone call through, and neither did the Manager of the Labour Exchange, who did? Number 1 Perhaps!

Be seeing you

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