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Sunday 25 October 2015

Citizen No.2

    This Number 2 is the only Number 2 we see dressed in Village Administration uniform. That is because not only is he Number 2, making him the Chief Administrator, he’s a member of the Board of Education, overseeing the educational experiment of Speedlearn. Mass education, every student knowing the same answer to the same question as everyone else, word for word! If this happened in real life, it would put a great many teachers out of work. What’s more there would be no need for schools, colleges or universities.
   Years ago when I was watching ‘The General’ I wondered what happened to Number 2’s spectacles when he put those dark glasses on, because I didn’t see him take them off. So I watched him put those dark glasses on, over his spectacles frame by frame. Of course they are not just any old pair of dark glasses, they are larger than normal, seeing as they are safety glasses. But I didn’t realise that at the time. But then why the need for administrators to wear dark safety glasses, unless it’s to protect their eyes against some sort of dangerous lighting, not that there appeared to be any. Unlike that time in the Council Chamber in ‘Free For All,’ and later in the Embryo Room of ‘Once Upon A Time. Only in that instance both Number 2 and the
Butler wore Inuit snow glasses to help protect their eyes against the intense blue light. 

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