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Thursday 1 October 2015

The Therapy Zone

    In The Village there are no locked doors. The only time doors are locked is at curfew time, because the administration doesn’t want The Village citizens roaming free during the night. Some, like Number 6, might take it into their heads to try and escape away under the cover of darkness. That was attempted twice by Number 6, and both times he was aided. First by Number 8. But then that was fair enough as she was an agent working undercover. The second time Number 6 had his chosen men about him. But that time there was a slight mix up. The Rook-Number 53 thought that Number 6 was one of “them,” having put to him his own test. Such was Number 6’s air of authority he had over his “reliable” men. So at the end of the day Number 6 only had himself to blame for the failure. Besides which, that motor cruiser, even if it had been a genuine vessel looking for the downed aircraft, would never have reached The Village, seeing as the tide was out at the time! And strange that Number 6 should choose to send a mayday call from an aircraft in distress, especially when in the previous episode, ‘Dance of The Dead,’ the amended body Number 6 found on the beach, was to have been put in the water so that it was Number 6 had died in an accident at sea.
    And in that same episode ‘Dance of The Dead,’ Number 6 found that the door to his cottage electronically locked at Curfew time. But that for some reason the French door had been left unlocked. And as we know Number 6 is never one to miss taking up any given opportunity. So he stepped out onto the balcony, climbed over the railings and disappeared into the night. Down on the beach Number 6 encountered the Guardian. It looks as though Number 6 is trying to run away, but that is impossible, as the Guardian can easily outpace the running figure. It’s more like Number 6 is testing himself against the white membranic thing, which leaves Number 6 on his knees on the sand. I was going to write that Number 6 having been locked out of his cottage, he had no opportunity but to spend the night on the beach. He could have returned to the confines and comfort of ‘6 Private’ via the French window. But I expect Number 6 much preferred the freedom of the beach.
    The only time doors are locked in The Village is when Number 2 and the administration have something to hide, as with the time Number 6 made a sweep of the Town Hall the evening of the ‘Dance of The Dead’ Ball. Yes there was one door which was previously secured against Number 6, but which later allowed him access to the room. But only because Number 2 allowed it so. Then there was that time Number 6 woke up to find the Village deserted, the doors of the café and Old People’s Home were locked against him, but not that of the Green Dome. The door of the General Stores might have been left open as to make it easy for Number 6. But then that may not have been a good idea, and might have made Number 6 suspicious. And in any case why make things easy for Number 6, who is the most capable fellow, and would have broken his way into the General Stores with no great difficulty.  Anyway I’d best be on my way. It’s almost curfew time, and I don’t fancy spending a night on the beach. The tides in!

Be seeing you

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