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Friday 2 October 2015

Caught On Camera!

   No not Number 50! Number 22 who is supposed to be Number 2’s assistant, yet as another of his kind to find himself reduced to working in the Control Room, as assistant to the Supervisor-Number 26. There he is, with the Supervisor watching the wall screen as Number 50 enters Number 6’s cottage. I would say that Number 22 is another of those inept assistants who Number 2 can well do without, and has been reduced to the ranks in order to go and assist the Supervisor. It may be assumed that being an assistant to Number 2 whilst he was overseeing all the projects Number 2 had undertaken for The Village and its community, would also keep Number 22 busy. But now, seeing as Number 2 was about to retire, would see Number 22 eventually reduced back into the administration. As it is, there’s very little Number 22 can assist his superior with. 

    So with little to do, because of Number 2’s term of office coming to its end, this Number 22, is reduced to working in the Control Room. Yet he does know about ‘Plan Division Q,’ because he has contact with the interim Number 2, as sen in the presence of the interim Number 2 at that time. And yet 22 seems uninterested in assisting his superior in his current predicament, knowing full well that Number 2 is to be executed by his own people. But then what could Number 22 do? He simply has to accept the situation, and so stands about doing nothing much at all, his hands are tied, he is but one man. He might have thrown in his lot with Number 6, in the same way Number 12 once did during that episode with ‘the General.’ But then look what happened to him! And it cannot be guaranteed that Number 22 is the kind of man to put himself out for anyone, let alone put himself in harms way, even to be presumed a traitor, no matter the cause! Mind you I shouldn’t think there was much for Number 22 to do working in the Control Room. The Supervisor-Number 26 is a very capable and competent man. For example, see how his spur of the moment idea about having the door to ‘6 Private’ left unlocked aided Number 50’s easy access to the cottage and made Number 6 instantly suspicious, and putting him on his guard. Yes, a very able fellow that Supervisor, who didn‘t even know it wasn‘t Number 6’s birthday when he read out that birthday greeting from Number 113. He didn’t even know that 113 had been an old woman in a wheelchair, who had died a month ago! But then why should he? Number 26 is the Supervisor responsible for the running of the Control Room, and he does that with great efficiency. So really the likes of Number 20 and 22 as assistants would be superfluous to requirements. And yet there was Number 60, who was promoted to the rank of Supervisor as Number 26 was removed from that position. Mind you he looked like an assistant, he even carried a clipboard!
    At times we see a day Supervisor and a night time Supervisor, but in ‘Checkmate’ the same Supervisor-Number 56 is responsible for both the day shift and night shift in the Control Room. A man like that would be in need for an assistant, that of Number 269.

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