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Sunday 4 October 2015

In Office!

    Is it the fact that the Prisoner has been asked by the Labour Exchange manager-Number 20 to fill in a questionnaire. All he has to do is fill in his race, religion, hobbies, what you like to read, what you like to eat. What you were, what you want to be, any family illnesses, any politics? Which made the Prisoner smash Number 20’s executive toy, or was it {fictionally speaking} the fact that he recognised Number 20 as Potter?
   And the Manager’s office, it’s rather futuristic looking just like Number 2’s office, but with the extra arches which give it the look of German expressionist films of the 1920’s, something Number 2’s office doesn’t have. One would have thought that seeing as how it’s a plain frosted glass door to the Manager’s office, that the room behind the door would reflect that. In other words a small unassuming office, plainly decorated, with a couple of filing cabinets, a few box files, perhaps a pot plant on one of the fling cabinets. Perhaps a picture or two on the walls, a desk, a couple of chairs, nothing too elaborate. It makes me wonder about the Citizens Advice Bureau, which we never actually see inside, it’s only mentioned twice. Briefly, once by Number 2 during the aerial tour of The Village in ‘Arrival,’ and again in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ when Number 6 suggested Monique go there seeing as she was looking for help and advice. Is the office of the Citizens Advice Bureau similar to those offices of Number 2’s office, the Labour Exchange Manager, not to mention the Town Council chamber, and the Committee’s chamber? I should have thought the office of the Citizens Advice Bureau would be plain and unassuming, and not particularly well used by the citizens of The Village!

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