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Thursday 22 October 2015

The Therapy Zone

     After everything had become clear to Number 6 by gazing deep into the mirror, and once he had reversed his left-handedness, he felt more like his old self. He then went out into the night, it was then that he encountered to Guardians. As Number 6 told them that the atmosphere here is very different to what it was elsewhere check. Then one of the Guardians asked Number 6 for the password. To which he replied “Gemini.” But that wasn’t the right password, and yet it was the right password because Number 2 had given it to Number 6, so that when it all began Number 2 would be able to tell the pair of Six’s apart. So to Number 6’s thinking he gave the correct password because he believed it was. But it wasn’t, and that was a valuable lesson Number 6 learned. Because if he had not encountered the two Guardians he wouldn’t have known that Gemini was the wrong password. That’s why he forced the right password, Schizoid Man, out of Curtis.
    Imagine for a moment if Number 6 hadn’t encountered those two guardians, and so didn’t know that Gemini was the wrong password. After the fight with Curtis, and having gone chasing out of the cottage after him and encountering Rover. Curtis would have been alright no matter that he was afraid of the Guardian when he gave the password Schizoid Man, because it was the right password. Number 6 on the other hand would have given the password Gemini thinking that was the correct password, but it wasn’t. Then Number 6 would have been in trouble especially if Rover had not recognised that password. Then it might well have been Number 6 who had died! So although Number 6 didn’t know it at the time, that encounter with the two Guardians earlier, was very fortunate for Number 6!

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