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Friday 9 October 2015

Whatever Happened To John Drake?

    It was thought that the episode of ‘Shinda Shima’ in Japan was his last assignment, well that’s the last recorded entry in his file. Off the record Drake was given a state secret, confidential assignment. For this he had to give every indication that he had resigned from British Military Intelligence, but at the same time giving the impression that he was either going somewhere on holiday, or was running. But in fact he was to return home and wait to see what would happen next. Two undertakers happened next. They entered his house of Number One Buckingham Place, and abducted Drake to foreign parts.
    Drake had been given the assignment of infiltrating an installation known only as The Village. Drake was the ideal man for this assignment, seeing a show he had managed to infiltrate a school for spies, Colony 3 situated somewhere behind the Iron Curtain on the Russian Steppes. Only this time, unlike the previous assignment there was no-one working in Section One who could get him out. Drake was well and truly on his own, in fact as far as British Intelligence were concerned Drake was on his own. They had hung him well and truly out to dry! If he was going to return home, to his ex-colleagues, he would have to escape The Village by himself! Twice he managed to brief the Colonel on The Village, not knowing that at least one of them was working for The Village. That he had been betrayed by them on more than one occasion. More than that, he had been interrogated repeatedly, drugged, conditioned both mentally and physically. Had a change of body. He’d been coerced, tricked, pushed , filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, and numbered. But he fought, resisted, maintained his identity, held fast, and eventually escaped back to
London. And God help those who were once his friends, his ex-colleagues who had betrayed him, and hung him out to dry in the place known as The Village!

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