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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Village Life!

    Taxi driver “That’s two units.”
    The passenger “Units?”
    “Credit units.”
    “How much is that in real money?”
    {The taxi driver thinks for a moment}
Hong Kong dollar.”
    “Five shillings!”
    “For what?”
    “The taxi ride.”
    “But I’m back where I started!”
    “Well I did tell you it’s only a local service.”
    “Local service? All you did was to drive me back here via the scenic route!”
    “Scenic route?”
    “Taking me the long way round, when there was a much shorter route!”
    “I didn’t. I was giving you a tour of The Village.”
    “Oh very well, five shillings.”
    “What about a tip?”
    “If you take my tip, don’t take your passengers for a ride!”

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