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Monday 19 October 2015

Thought For The Day

   In ‘the Prisoner,‘ more than that, in The Village, there is no glory in what takes place there, only misery and oppression. And if anyone says otherwise, then they are either on drugs, have been hypnotised, or brainwashed into thinking otherwise. Its either them or us, Number 2 would have you believe, and yet everything that takes place is a betrayal of someone by someone.
    Number 2 once told Madam Professor that what Number 6 wants is what we all want ultimately….to escape. That particular Number 2 had already suffered one defeat, what price a second and would he be able to survive it? It is not known what happened to that Number 2 after what, two deaths, and the destruction of the General. But it seems unlikely that Number 1 would pat him on the shoulder and say “There, there, it doesn’t matter. I’ll kiss it better for you.” I should cocoa! Whatever happened to Number 2, whatever happens to any failed Number 2, better he had died in the same way as the Professor and Number 12, because the fate to be suffered for failure can only be imagined. But to have two people die, and a piece of Village technology destroyed, Number 2’s fate can only be worse than a fate worse than death, which is quite unimaginable.
   And yet another Number 2 suffered two further deaths, that of Number 22 and Number 8. 22 who was strangled to death by Number 8 and then fell to his death in an act of suicide in the Silver Dollar Saloon. But am I writing of two different Number 2’s, or Number 2 as a collective entity? Outwardly Number 2 might well take on a different appearance, even change sex from time to time. But whoever Number 2 is, Number 2 generally wants the same thing. It has been said that in ‘the Prisoner’ it is Number 1 who Number 6 is trying to beat. But is that correct? Is it not more likely a battle of wits between Number 6 and Number 2, with the final objective Number 1. After all when Number 6 finally managed to defeat Number 2 in ‘Once Upon A Time’ it was Number 1 he asked for, Number 1 the final objective. And so eventually to the victor go the spoils, the key to his house, a passport valid for anywhere, travellers cheques one million, and a purse of petty cash!

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