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Sunday 25 October 2015

The Professor Has It Taped!

    The Professor recorded a message on his tape recorder, about the citizens of The Village being tricked, that Speedlearn was an abomination. So how did he manage to record such a message when at the very least there is a doctor and a nurse always in close attendance to the Professor? More than that, how did the Professor manage to get out of the house, through The Village, and down onto the beach in order to hide the tape recorder in the sand? And why hide the tape recorder in the sand anyway, seeing as the message was for the citizens, why not simply hand the tape recorder to someone? Perhaps to someone in the crowd of people who chased him along the beach that time, in order to bring him back to The Village. Hiding the tape recorder in the sand like that, was that wise? After all the tape recorder could have been lost forever, sand might have got into the works of the machine possibly, or someone may have stumbled across it accidentally………….in the way Number 6 happened upon the tape recorder. And sometime later Number 12 found it where Number 6 had reburied it. It can be imagined that the Professor may have made it out of the confines of his house once, but not a second time!

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