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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Takes All You Want!

     “Soon Roland Walter Dutton will cease to exist.”
                             {Number 42 - Dance of The Dead}

    Did Dutton have a premonition about his imminent future, meaning he hadn’t got one? Shouldn’t think so, the doctor-Number 40 had been conducting any number of different experiments in order to extract any such required information, and Dutton would have been aware of the lengths to which the doctor would go. The doctor had no scruples, no medical ethics and thought nothing of using Dutton as a go-between in order to extract certain information from Number 6.
    Dutton had been released from the hospital for 72 hours so that he could reconsider his position in the quiet atmosphere of The Village. But he knew instinctively that once he stepped foot back into the hospital, and that doctor had his hands on him once more, he would take his experiments to the extreme, and such proved to be the case. Leaving Roland Walter Dutton a brain-dead imbecile! Obviously someone, perhaps Number 1, or the people on the other end of that teleprinter, had decided that they had no further use for Roland Walter Dutton. And so he or they, issued that termination order against him. But not realising just how far the doctor would take his experiments against Dutton. For him the termination order would have been a happy release.

    Footnote: The original script for ‘Dance of The Dead’ called for a scene in which the doctor-Number 40 was seen burying one of his poor patients/victims! But it was thought the scene would be too harrowing for the television viewer of the day. So the scene was cut.

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