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Thursday 8 October 2015

The Prisoner Comment

    George Baker was said to describe the Prisoner as: "Like Kafka, as reality keeps slipping away. It's very frightening. It could be happening to someone in this country now that we don't know about.... that's what is so fascinating about the Prisoner.”
    Terence Feely {script writer} sums up the series best of all: "What the series is all about is creative people, for once running the asylum." "We were doing what we wanted and showing what the medium was capable of, showing what a marvellous tool surrealism is for surrealistic expression. That last episode is, I think one of the best examples of total surrealism. No prisoners taken. This is a series built to last."
     Well Terence Feely got that one right, the series has indeed lasted. And as for "It could be happening to someone in this country" well just be grateful that it's not happening to you!

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