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Monday 12 October 2015

The Therapy Zone

    Who exactly is in control of the educational experiment of Speedlearn? It might be supposed that seeing as he’s Chairman of The Village, and Chief Administration, Number 2 is. And yet he has to report to the Board of Education. When he takes one of the Professor’s lectures, which has been micro reduced, to the projectionist, he asks Number 2 if this lecture has been approved by the Board? Number 2 tells him it will be. So it appears that Number 2 has to persuade the members of the Board of Education to okay the Professor’s next lecture. Had Number 2 to do that with every one of the lectures? If so it was a slow process, and Number 2 must have felt that his hands were tied for most of the time. On the other hand Number 1 may have wanted it that way, so that Number 2 would not allow himself to get carried away with his enthusiasm for this latest experiment.
   So did the Speedlearn experiment end with the death of the Professor and the destruction of the General? It seems that it did. But there was no need, surely another kindly Professor could have been found, and another computer acquired. But perhaps it was a question of time. After all with the death of the Professor and destruction of the General the lectures would have come to a sudden stop. So what of the students who could not complete the history course? Surely they would have asked questions about why the sudden stop to the lectures. And Madam Professor, then a widow. One can imagine that she would have to remain a prisoner in The Village, but would be allowed to continue with her art seminars. After all what else could Madam Professor have done?

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