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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Hello………enjoy your chess yesterday?”
    “Don’t tell me you care?”
    “Of course, we want you to be happy.”
    “Fine, just err give me a one-way ticket home.”
    “Won’t you ever give up?”
    “What do you think?”
    “You know you’re wrong, we have ways if you drive us to them.”
    “I can imagine.”
    “It’s done under the strictest medical supervision.”
    “I can guess that from the state of the man you took yesterday.”
    “What the Rook? Oh no, he’ll come to no harm, it’s just a rehabilitation course.”
    “What do you want me to do, envy him?”
    “I like your sense of humour. But we can’t have you worrying. Get in.”
    “I’m going to the hospital, I thought you’d like to see our friend the Rook.”
                                     {Number 2 and Number 6 - Checkmate}

   Going with Number 2 to see the Rook at the hospital wasn’t Number 6’s first time in observing someone suffering at the hands of the doctors. There was Number 8, who was being put through interrogation, in trying to determine whether or not she had suicidal tendencies. But this time it was the Rook, Number 53, who was undergoing treatment. Pavlov’s experiments with dogs had been adapted for human experimentation. Number 53 had been dehydrated, and cried out for water, but he was trained to get water only when he obeyed. But really such dehydration couldn’t simply be quenched by a cup or two of water, it would take a great deal more than that.
   This then is the darker side to The Village, human experimentation. The doctor-Number 22 thinks of her patients as being no better than animals, and treats them accordingly. And that goes for Number 8, who she has had hypnotised into believing she is in love with Number 6, and he with her. What’s more Number 8 is part of an experiment once carried out on Dolphins. Transmitters were implanted in their brains for submarine detection. This doctor hadn’t got as far as that with humans, all she had was a reaction transmitter in a locket which Number 8 wore about her neck, making her part of The Village alarm system. The doctor enjoys her work, just as much as her predecessor in fact. More than that, she could easily be the doctor-Number 40’s female counterpart! Either doctor Number 22 and Number 40 are interchangeable and well suited for either ‘Dance of The Dead’ or ‘Checkmate.’ And for what it’s worth Number 6 will never give up!

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