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Saturday 10 October 2015

Follow The Observer!

    After Number 6's first meeting with his observer Number 240, she hurries away towards the Town Hall in order to take up her duties in the control room. For some reason he takes it into his head to follow Number 240. That's a good one, the observed following his observer!
   Suddenly the white membranic Guardian appears to have other ideas and halts Number 6's progress long enough to give Number 240 a head start. Whether the Guardian has been alerted to Number 6 following 240, or made that decision to impede his progress of its own accord is unknown. Then it goes off for a second, allowing Number 6 to climb the steps and suddenly appears again on the cobbled path. It moves off with Number 6 following, while Number 240 approaches the pair of wrought Iron gates, and looks back over her shoulder, sees the Guardian and Number 6, then crosses the street and enters the Town Hall. Meanwhile the Guardian having succeeded in its mission, moves away allowing Number 6 to continue.
   There is no warning of the Guardian’s approach, by emitting its blood curdling roar. Neither is force used by this membranic being against Number 6, as it doesn’t attack or attempt to suffocate Number 6 into unconsciousness. It simply impedes Number 6’s progress. And for that matter, Number 6 doesn’t make any attempt to strike out against it. In all probability he knew to do so would be futile, having learned this on a previous occasion on the day of his arrival in The Village. So for a few moments it’s a Mexican stand-off between the Guardian and Number 6. The Guardian moves off and Number 6 goes up the steps, through the pair of wrought iron gates, down the steps, across the street, up the steps of The Town Hall and slap bang into an electrical force field! Well according to the gardener the Town Hall is fussy about whom it lets in. Perhaps the Guardian was aware of that, and that’s why it was happy to allow Number 6 to go on his way. Knowing that he would attempt to follow Number 240 into the Town Hall, but that he would be stopped dead in his tracks by the force field! I bet the Guardian found that highly amusing!

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