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Saturday 24 October 2015

The Prisoner A Rebel?

    Outside of The Village, in the outside World, the Prisoner wasn’t confined. He was as free as anyone is able to be free. He was part of the Establishment, until he went and resigned his job that is. He was also well in with his boss Sir Charles Portland, he was engaged to his daughter Janet. Although one might ask what it was that brought those two together in the first place. But no, he wasn’t a rebel, he accepted society, was part of that society. Simply chucking up a job doesn’t make anyone a rebel, simply angry, disillusioned, or wanting to simply improve one’s position by moving to a better paid job, which offers better prospects.
    The Prisoner only became rebellious after he had been taken from everything he knows and incarcerated in The Village for no good reason, by people he didn’t know at the time. But even so, even given the Prisoner’s predicament, there is a time when rebelling against ones, surroundings is simply no longer an option. The Prisoner has to live. And eventually one does accept one’s current situation, because there is only self-torment in wishing for what you once had. That might be achieved through escape. But one quickly learns the lesson that escape from The Village is impossible. So one might as well as accept the situation and begin to settle down. But not the Prisoner, he’s going to escape and come back. Escape come back, wipe The Village off the face of the Earth and Number 2 with it! But he didn’t, because when he did eventually escape, what did he go and do, go blabbing to his ex-colleagues about The Village, it’s no wonder he had to be taken back there!
    It was simply the Prisoner’s confinement in The Village that brought about his rebellious nature. Anyone held captive under whatever circumstances rebels for long enough, that’s until they begin to get used to their current situation. However in that regard what makes the Prisoner known as Number 6 so special is, that he fought, resisted, held fast, refused to accept and settle down for so long a time. But then again it was because of his importance to the Village which denied their using extreme measures against him. Otherwise……. Well the Girl who was death summed the Prisoner up, by saying he was a born survivor. Which is what the Prisoner did in the end, he survived The Village.

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  1. This post is nonsense. #6's resignation was an act of rebellion, well before he found himself in the Village.